Ocean Isle Beach Golf Cart Rentals

Ocean Isle Beach Golf Cart Rentals

Ocean Isle Beach Golf Cart Rentals

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910) was an American novelist who wrote under the pen name Mark Twain. He is often credited for describing the game of golf as a “good walk spoiled” but this might be more myth than fact. If Twain did play golf, he played in an era that was before the 1932 invention of the golf cart. It was not until the mid-1950s when the golf cart became the predominant way to maneuver through the many golf courses around the country.

The USA has certainly changed since the 1950s. Gas is more expensive and electric vehicles are slowly becoming more popular as the technology improves to make them more competitive with the internal combustion engine. The problem is that a low-end electric car like the Ford Focus has a price tag of about $30,000 and a Tesla can run $70,000 and up. And that is where the Cary Cart Company based in North Carolina enters the scene.

Out of the Green?

The Cary Cart Company has taken the golf cart out of the “greens” and converted them to street legal vehicles that can replace the traditional automobile for many uses where a short distance drive is required. Cary Cart Company began as a father-son project to customize a standard purchase golf cart. When people saw the convenience and economic benefit of a street legal golf cart the hobby turned into a fast-growing business, thus, Ocean Isle Beach golf cart rentals are made available.

Part of the business for Cary Cart Company is the rental of electric carts that visitors to Bald Head Island in North Carolina use for local transportation to the various attractions on the island including the old lighthouse named “Old Baldy”. In April 2019 cart rentals will be available for Ocean Isle Beach, a small resort town in Brunswick County also in North Carolina.

Benefits of Golf Carts

The main drawback to a golf cart is it cannot be used for a long cross-country trip unless you have lots of time and can find routes with lower speed limits and charging stations. The advantages of a golf cart over a car are many and include the following:

  • Purchase price – A new golf cart is at most about ½ the cost of the cheapest economy car on the market.
  • Operating Cost – Charging the batteries on a golf cart will cost about 25 cents for an overnight charge compared to a gallon of gas at $3 to $4. Maintenance is less expensive because there are fewer moving parts that can malfunction.
  • Flexibility – A golf cart can be used as a commuter car to save wear and tear on your main vehicle and can be rigged to function as an off-road vehicle for your outdoor adventures. And you can still take it on the golf course.
  • People Mover – If you are a business owner and need to get your employees or materials to different locations quickly, the golf cart will be the ideal vehicle.

If you already own a golf cart and are interested in getting Ocean Isle Beach golf cart rentals and street legal, then the first call you need to make is to Cary Cart Company at 910-239-0842. You can also send a message to the folks at Cary Cart Company by using the online form found by clicking on the website’s  CONTACT button.

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