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Arthur Murray Dance Centers offers wedding dance lessons in st Paul, MN, at affordable prices. Surprise your guests with a romantic spin on the dance floor with your newly wedded wife.

How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

On average, wedding dance lessons can cost anywhere from $30 - $50 per lesson. However, this price can vary based on where you live, the type of dance you wish to learn, the choreographer, etc. Furthermore, taking group lessons can be cheaper than taking private lessons.

We offer dance lessons in st Paul, MN, to engaged couples for affordable fees. Some of the popular dance styles that we choreograph include the waltz, hip-hop, slow dance, swing, etc. These dances are easy and simple to learn in a short time, and they bode well with the theme of almost any wedding.

Dance styles for your first dance with your spouse

Your first dance is one of the important moments on your wedding day. If you and your fiance are confused about what dance style you should choose for your first dance, here is a list of popular dance styles to help you decide:

  • The sway - If you have very little time to practice before the wedding, then this is your go-to dance style. It is a “slow dance” that involves simple movements like swaying back and forth. If you want to dance for a slower song, then this dance style will synchronize well with your song. It is also extremely romantic as it involves you dancing with your arms wrapped around your partner.
  • The classic waltz - It is slighter faster and peppier than a slow dance. Waltz can be of many different types such as American, Country Western, French, Viennese, etc. You will need professional choreography and a good amount of rehearsals to perform a waltz on your big day. Waltz goes well with modern and sweet ballad kind of music.
  • The Foxtrot - If you want to dance to a playful, medium tempo number, foxtrot is the best way to complement a song like that. This dance style requires an ample amount of time to learn and practice the technique and works extremely well with contemporary songs. You can dance the foxtrot comfortably wearing any kind and type of wedding dress.

Dance lessons for weight loss

Dancing remains one of the best ways to naturally burn calories and get into shape. Not to mention, it is so much more fun than slogging for hours together on a treadmill or an elliptical machine. It increases your heart rate and puts your body in the fat-burning zone within a matter of minutes and offers the same results as High-intensity interval training. Furthermore, it also improves range of motion, flexibility, and offers solid weight loss results within a short duration.

Contact Arthur Murray Dance Centers to enroll for wedding dance lessons in st Paul, MN. Prepare for your first dance as man and wife with the best dance choreographers in town. We choreograph dance numbers based on your skill and comfort level.

dance lessons st Paul mn