Custom Wrinkle free work shirts

Custom Wrinkle free work shirts

When it comes to picking out custom work shirts for your employees, choosing the right one is very important. Some of the reasons why it is crucial to choose great work shirts include boosting productivity, improving customer relations, and morale. When you make the right choice, you’ll be able to introduce your brand to your clientele.

Custom work shirts bring consistent branding, professionalism, and if done right, it offers price points. Moreover, custom work shirts are a great option for those looking for a truly unique uniform. 

Carefully choose your fabric

Work shirts should present a professional image while allowing your employees to perform their job comfortably. You will want your work shirt to last as long as possible so as to avoid replacing or repairing them often. Consider using the custom wrinkle free work shirts that wash well and strong enough to withstand daily wear while providing a great level of comfort to your team.

Moreover, if you choose brightly colored work shirts, ensure the fabric of choice is resistant to fading and locks in color. Eventually, the fabric you select will depend on your tasks and look you want to create. Shop from Revi Technical Wear, and we can work with you to get the best fabrics for your specific needs.

Make sure your work shirt reflects your brand

Since your brand is your reputation, it dictates your sales, which also determines your profit. This is why it is important to make sure that your new work shirts align with your existing brand. For instance, if your logo, signage, marketing literature is blue, choosing purple branded work shirts makes no sense at all.

It is important to consider your entire marketing strategy and make sure your work shirt design fits. Color consistency is very important to your branding success. Choose work shirts that blend with your brand colors and logo.


This is your chance to get creative. When deciding on your work shirts designs, make sure you work with your team or a reliable product development company. While thinking outside the box, ensure you check feasibility with the product development company to ensure cost-effectiveness and practicality.

At Revi Technical Wear, we offer recommendations and advice on areas you may not have thought of, and we can ensure your design is in line with your brand. Also, it is a great idea to include your employees in the early design stages, since they will be wearing them and probably have useful insight. 

Safety is a priority

Safety is important when choosing custom work shirts. Ensure the custom work shirts you select comply with all the important safety standards. Although this doesn’t apply to every industry, it is still crucial. For instance, you can also make considerations for flame retardant work shirts for kitchen staff and cook. 

Get Started! 

If you have decided that custom work shirts are the way forward for your brand, get in touch with the Revi Technical Wear team today. Whether you are looking for custom wrinkle free work shirts or simple technical clothing for your brand, we got you covered. We’re happy to discuss your design and functionality requirements.

Custom Wrinkle free work shirts
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Custom Wrinkle free work shirts
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