Custom dry fit work shirts

Custom dry fit work shirts

One of the critical factors in the success of companies is to give their staff the best possible working conditions. In that sense, when staff must be uniformed, the selection of the fabric of the garment is crucial. If you don't select well, your employees will feel uncomfortable, and productivity will be threatened.

The shirt is one of the quintessential elements of the corporate uniform. You will find several options to choose from in the market. However, the fabric that will give your team the most advantages is dry-fit shirts. It is essential that you know the features, and the great benefits you will get from this product.

What is Dry Fit?

This technology was initially developed by Nikeā„¢ for the Sportsworld. The idea behind the development was to provide the athlete with a fabric that would allow them to be cool and comfortable during physical exercise. It is a microfiber polyester fabric, and the great secret of the material is that it is woven in such a way that it repels sweat outwards quickly. Thanks to this, the athletes' skin remained significantly dry, and the sweat evaporated quickly, keeping the fabric dry as well.

These features made this technology a favorite for athletes. Over time, the Dry-Fit crossed the boundaries of sport, and became a casual garment as well. Today, many companies also benefit from the technology by providing their employees with shirts made from this fabric. Due to their characteristics, they can be printed, and extraordinary custom dry fit work shirts can be acquired. These not only bring benefits to the staff but also keep the company's corporate image high.

Advantages of Dry Fit Shirts

Adapts better to the body

Because of its characteristics, this fabric is softly draped. This allows the person wearing it to feel comfortable at all times. As sweat does not remain, the material does not stick to the body, which gives an extraordinary feeling of comfort, regardless of the activity performed.

Moisture and Odour Free

Sweat expelling technology brings more benefits than dry skin and fabric. By minimizing moisture, it is easier to control body odors, giving the person greater comfort. The material also allows for better regulation of body temperature, as the skin is always kept dry.


This fabric does not compromise flexibility. As with sportspeople, your team will be able to carry out its activities with great freedom. Whether they are outdoors or indoors, or the activity is moderate or intense, the employee will be able to move freely.

Better Performance

By feeling comfortable and free to move around, staff performance will be better. Attire has been proven to affect performance. This prevents people from feeling relaxed, focused and productive. Dry Fit shirts guarantee that performance that will make a difference.

Trust the Experts!

If you want to significantly improve your company's productivity with the most extraordinary custom dry fit work shirts, Revi Technical Wear is your ideal choice. We have for your company the best selection of garments, of exceptional quality. All of them will provide great comfort to your staff, and you will be able to show your brand with pride. It's time to join the group of winners. Contact us.

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Custom dry fit work shirts
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